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Comandos de GM Talisman Online

em Seg Out 15, 2018 3:21 pm
Here´s a list of GM Commands of Talisman Online and how to use them in proper way.

#hide from oter players (Use it where no1 else arround or wont work on them)


#show to others players


#teleport to coordenates X Y

-moveto X Y

*Carefull with this command, u can get stuck somewhere in the map.
if u do get stuck just try

-moveto 110 600

and u´ll be teleported to sky village free to move arround.

#recover HP and Mana


#World Message

-bulletin -bulletin {MESSAGE HERE} -all:))

*1-text must be inside {} not () or []
2- -n repeat number
3- -c color like ffff1111 (google color code map) ..
4- -all make sure no space like - all or will show just all word

#Disconnect player

-kick playername

#clear ur PK value


#set the server to maintainence ONLY CAN LOG GM and MOD.

-accept off

to put it back on
-accept on

to chek server status


#Chek login server status


#Create NPC

-createnpc xxxxx

(Where xxxxx is the number id of the item. for ex: -createnpc 412
*this will add a warehouse man right next to you*)

#set a general welcome message that will show up in world when a person logins (like a bulletin)

-setentertip MESSAGE HERE

*it can have spaces between words, not like the -bulletin command.

#Clear enter tip so it doesnt post anything


#Chek what´s the current enter tip being displayed


#Start Blood Palace War Event (BPW)

-startwar 1

*use the fully command ¨-startwar 1¨ to begin war. YES it needs the ¨1¨ its a parameter.

#To end the Blood Palace War Event (BPW)

-endwar 1

*use the fully command ¨-endwar 1¨ to end current war. YES it needs the ¨1¨ its a parameter.

#Set or Update a Specific War Time!

-updatewartime 1 weekday hour min

*For Ex

-updatewartime 1 saturday 18 00

#Set ur level

-setlev X

where ¨X¨ will be ur new level. it doesnt matter if its higher or lower than ur current level.

#Enchance to ¨X¨ level ur current weapon

-wsetlev ¨X¨

*the weapon u are currently using will be enchanced to that ¨X¨ level.´

IF u want to enchance an ASISTANT TALISMAN u need to take weapon and other talismans
and only leave on ur char the one u want to enchance and use the comand

-wsetlev ¨X¨

#add experience.. (I dont really see the point on this since u can set whatever level u want)

-addexp ¨X¨

*where ¨X¨ is the ammount of experience u earn when use this command.

#Add energy to ur character

-addnimbus ¨X¨

*where ¨X¨ is the ammount of energy u earn when use this command.
Tip- Chars can only get energy up to level 99, on level 100 plus energy goes to 0. unless u edit that. Smile)

#Add skills

-addskill ¨X¨

*where ¨X¨ is the number id of the skill u want to add.

#Remove an especific skill

-removeskill ¨X¨

#Remove all skills u have added with the command ¨addskill¨


#Add effects (Like extra hp, extra dmg, extra def, etc)

-addeffect ¨X¨

¨X¨ = number id of effect.

#Clear all effects


*Caution: this command will clear ALL effects, pet effects, buff all. u can summon ur pet again to get pet effects back.

#Set Little Pet Level

-setsmallpetlev ¨X¨

X = any number from 1 to 10. 10 is the max level u can edit with this command.

#Add experience to your little pet

-setsmallpetexp ¨X¨

¨X¨ is the ammount of experience u want to add to ur little pet.

#Destroy guild?

this command will work after the guild leader uses the comand ¨Disband guild¨. so instead of waiting 7 days
it will only take like 1 minute.

-guilddestroy ¨X¨

*where ¨X¨ is the name of the guild. (After succesfully use of this command wait around 1 min and guild
will be destroyed)

#Set the max ammount of user allowed to enter the server at the same time.

-setmaxuser ¨X¨

*where ¨X¨ is the max ammount of users u want to be online on ur server.
*after using this command u might wanna run an -info to chek ur server status.

#Shutdown server message and shutdown the server.


*Running this command will automaticlly shut down ur server within 3 minutes.

#add urself money

-addmoney ¨X¨

*where ¨X¨ is the ammount of money u want to recieve.
TIP: 50.000 = 5gold

#Add items to your inventory

-additem (item_ID) (Ammount) (Class) (plus_RANK)

*item id = the numer id of the specific item u want to add
*ammount = ammount in numbers of quantity of that item
*Class = classes are White, Blue, Green, whiteplus(platinum), Greenplus(Jadegreen), Blueplus(Skyblue)
*plus_rank= 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.... up to 20(depending on ur config.)

for example:

-additem 567 1 whiteplus 10

will add a BlackFire Dagger (ammount of 1) Class WHITEPLUS +10

-additem 1200 1 plus 10

will add a Divine Tiger +10

#Add item to inventory to everyone that´s online on your server.

-worldadditem (Minimun Required Lvl) (Item ID) (Ammount)

-worldadditem 90 5539 2 = all player lvl 90+ online will get x2 gold bag 5k

Thx to "frfooosh"

*will add the specific item to everyone online.

#Activate or Desactivate the auction House.

-auction on *to activate

-auction off *to desactivate

*When desactive auction. the items being auctioned wont be lost or moved. they´ll remain in the auction house.
when auction is turned on again, the items will still be there.

-moveuser XX

where ¨XX¨ is the name of the char..

if u dont know the name of the char but u know his account..

just use

-moveacct XX

where ¨XX¨ is the account name

and the player conencted on that account will be teleported to u.

PD: (for both of this commands the player must be in the same scene as u)

Edit: Added the list of Items, Effects and Skills for GM to use with this commands.

PD: if any1 has a list of NPC´s will be highly appreciated!

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